16th Annual Art, Craft & Science Exhibition
Mundle English School   22-May-2018


The school organised its 16th Annual Art, Craft & Science Exhibition. The exhibition was inaugurated at the hands of Dr. Prafull Kshirsagar, Dean Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya Nagpur. The exhibition was a kaleidoscope of 4 different tribes of India. All the four houses viz, Gandhar, Pancham, Nishad and Madhyam represented The Ravishing Rabaris of Gujarat, The Vivacious Warlis of Maharashtra, The Glorious Gonds of Gondwana and the Mighty Nagas of Nagaland respectively.

This exhibition was a replica of the lifestyles, art, craft, culture, food, occupations and dance forms. The students performed foot tapping dances like Garba, Warli dance, Saila dance and Bamboo dance. This art and craft exhibition coincided with Science and Maths exhibition. Total 50 models of Science and 30 models of Maths were displayed. Salad decoration, Flower arrangement and Rangoli competition were also an integral part of the exhibition. The school wore a colourful look & received overwhelming response from the parents.

Chairman Shri. Nikhil Mundle, Principal Mrs Rupali Hingwe Asst. Headmistress (Secondary) Mrs Megha Padhye, Head mistress (Primary) Miss Manjul Mehta, and Supervisors Mrs Rashmi Panigrahi and Miss Prerna Mehta graced the occasion. All the teachers strived hard for the success of this Exhibition.